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Please check your work is formatted the way we prefer, and you are happy with it. We will do very minimal editing, but we will allow you to amend your piece if you are accepted (slight amendments such as spelling etc)


A cover letter isn't needed but we do want to know a little bit about you! You don't need to write loads, just a couple of lines is fine or if you do want to write your biography - We'll read it! Send us a few lines about why you think your piece fits our theme. We will ask for a photo and a third-person bio if you are accepted.


In your email to us, please use the following layout in the subject line:

[PRINT/ONLINE] - Your Name - Title.

We will be letting you know if you're accepted after the deadline. You can submit your piece elsewhere but please tell us if you're accepted somewhere else. No hard feelings!

We don't make any money off Moonflake Press and we pay for everything ourselves. If you would like to contribute a small donation, we'd be ever so grateful!
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