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a story for every sign ✦

DEADLINE; 1st December 2022

astroflakes will be a series of twelve pamphlets that correspond to each zodiac sign. They will be released a month apart during the astrological year beginning with Aries season, March 21, 2023. 

Each pamphlet will consist of:

✦ An introduction by a professional astrologer explaining the sign, and the different planetary placements

✦ Fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, visual art, or graphic narrative that correspond to that zodiac sign

There will be physical and digital versions. At the end of the series, the content of all 12 pamphlets will be collected into the astroflakes omnibus. Readers can subscribe to the series and receive one pamphlet in the mail each month, buy individual pamphlets, and purchase the omnibus at any time after the series has completed.

We are now accepting submissions from writers! Any pieces that are selected will receive a complimentary copy of their pamphlet, and a discount on the entire pamphlet series and the omnibus.

To submit, please email with the following:

Subject Line: astroflakes - Zodiac sign - genre

(example: astroflakes - Leo - poetry)

In the email, introduce yourself briefly, and attach your submission as a word document. Our maximum word count is 1,000 words. 

Please make sure that your submission corresponds to the vibe, definition, or personal connection to the zodiac sign that you are submitting for. 

(Writers may submit work for up to three different signs in three different emails!)

We look forward to reading your wonderful astrological writing!