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Moonflake Press was born from the love of writing and the desire to read more magical, scientific, sexual, funny and horrifying words.

We want to read the work you've spent months on and the work you wrote half an hour before sending to us.

As a team with WOC ourselves we know how difficult it can be to find homes for work that is heavily influenced by our cultures. Moonflake Press wants all your hard to pronounce names and all your customs and traditions.

We also welcome writers who think the world has 'seen it all before' or 'not interested' in what they have to say. We haven't seen it and we are interested. We are open for everyone - gender, race, nationality melts in the wind, all we care about are your words.

Whether in prose or poetry, we want your darlings and demons ♡

Meet the passionate, literature-loving team working to make our little corner of the internet a more creative place:

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Cyrine Sinti // Twitter+Insta; @CyrineSinti

Cyrine enjoys all literature but Gothic and Horror in particular. She's a huge fan of Historical Fiction especially Victorian and Tudor periods. Long poems, ethereal fiction and creative non-fiction drenched in dark humour is exactly what she loves for Moonflake Press.

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